Artist, Producers, Engineers i Welcome You! I started a brand new company 'THE BIGGEST RECORDS' to give talented people a fair chance to make name for themselves in the Music Industry. When signed to my label i will provide you with a top notch recording studio where u can be yourself and feel safe. Dont worry ill handle the shady executives and other sharks in this Industry (trust me they are a 'dying breed') While it will require a lot of work and late nights We will become a house hold name in the Music & Entertainment industry and known as a 'Healthy Creative Label' We will definitely be different. Without giving away to much at this point we will focus on a fusion of several genres where Originality is Key  If you think this sounds like something for you or for somebody you know, feel free to tag their IG page and or send me your SoundCloud link(s). Email: ✖️✖️✖️ #TBR


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